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Saturday, February 20, 2010

When Frugality and Practicality Collide

We stopped at Kroger today with a pretty basic shopping list. After working mostly from our pantry and stocking up on the sales, I found myself needing to restock a few staples. We were after chicken, ground beef, flour, yeast, baking powder, pasta, cheese... Nothing fancy.

Then my husband called. He was helping my dad and uncle put the plywood part of the roof on my parents' home addition, and he wanted me to bring something for them to eat for lunch. No problem! I figured I would just look around while I was at Kroger and find something that sounded good for lunch.

Everyone and their grandma decided that today was the day to go to Kroger! I wasn't thinking about the forecasted snow when I planned the shopping trip. The place was crowded, people were leisurely strolling the aisles, and I just wanted out! I ended up missing a couple of things on my list and having a hard time coming up with something for the guys to eat for lunch.

Rather than try to find a frugal dish for lunch, I paid full price for pitas and got the ingredients needed for pita pizzas. Not a fancy meal (or an expensive one), but it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Emma picked out a cherry pie from the reduced bakery rack. (That's my girl!) Again, not what I had in mind, but she was thrilled.

I didn't even really go over our budget... I spent $62.43. I'm aiming for $50 per week over the next month. So, with the last-minute lunch addition, I didn't think $62.43 was bad. But I only had coupons for 2 items and a $4 catalina from last week. My savings was only 29%.

I was thrilled with Emma's behavior at the store though. We didn't have our usual car cart, but she had her cookie and walked right alongside me through the store. She was a doll!

Because we made the stop at my parents' house to fix lunch for the guys, I didn't take a picture of our trip. I just came home and put it all away. If you had told me a couple of years ago that I would be disappointed by the fact that I didn't get to photograph my grocery store trip, I would have thought you were crazy. But now - here I sit lamenting the fact that I didn't put it all out on the kitchen table for you to see. *sigh* Maybe next week!

Have you ever had a shopping trip like this? Have you ever thought that you'd be in and out of the store in a jiffy and then couldn't seem to finish your shopping? Please tell me that it's not just me!


Meagan said...

It's not just you! =) Happens to me all the time, and I don't even have children yet.

I also feel you on the whole "lamenting that I forgot to take a picture" thing. Ha Ha! Again - you're not alone.

Cas said...

I really hate a crowded grocery store. I go on off nites like Wed or Tue sometimes even a Mon. I like it when its less crowded because I can think and take my time (or rush if I need to). It never fails if I go on a crowded day there are rude people in there who...Bump me with their cart and never say sorry (hello I am pregnant here and even if I wasn't I normally have a toddler on my hip), they meet friends and then block the ailse or what I need and act like its a pain to move for me for just a sec while I grab what I need. So yeah I have rough shopping trips sometimes....I totally get where you are coming from.

Pamela said...

That has happened a lot for me this past year. My son has uncontrolled epilepsy along with some other health problems.

I used to love to shop and find the best deals along with being able to donate to our church food pantry. Then our Kroger started a new coupon policy. They only double up to fifty cent coupons and limit two of the same coupons.

I don't shop there much any more. I still look for the deals but they are few and far between. That, along with having to take my son with me most of the time (he can not be left alone and my husband's job requires a lot of being on call) just has taken the joy out of the "hunt". To top that off, some of the cashiers are horrible at scanning and knowing how coupons work. I always try to avoid using their lines.

Maybe one day my local Kroger will go back to the old coupon policy. If they do, they will have my business. Until then, I am just their for the deals...nothing extra!

pscole3467 at gmail dot com

Jennifer said...

Breathing a sigh of relief here... Glad it's not just me!

Jennifer's Mom said...

What Jennifer did not tell you is that she took care of lunch so I could go and spend the day with my other grandchild! I left nothing in my fridge (and I mean nothing!) for lunch for my "roofers." She was gracious enough to keep them from having peanut butter and jelly!

Jennifer said...

But what Jennifer's mom neglected to tell you was that she ALWAYS takes care of lunch when the guys are working. Let's just say that they probably didn't enjoy my pita pizzas (which were a little chewy) as much as they do her homemade chicken noodle soup!! :)